Subscription Plans

Subscription Coaching & Accountability $300/month*

Monthly Subscription Plan that auto-renews for your convenience *Four (4) 1-hour personalized coaching sessions per month. Full intake and assessment as well as a personalized action plan. Email or text support for accountability Between session “homework.” *A three-month commitment is required, then the plan auto-renews month-to-month for your convenience.

Short-Term Support Package $350

Four (4) 1-hour coaching sessions with a 1 hour debrief session. *Sessions never expire!

LASER COACHING $200 (90 minute Total) $400 (3 hour Total)

Works with client to resolve issues in a highly focused way with laser coaching. Laser coaching sessions provide 10-20 minutes per person, designed to “pinpoint” a particular area of challenge or interest. Coach will ask objective questions to challenge and support the individual to find their own resolution.

Coaching for Groups $1,000 or (2) payments of $500

One 2-hour session for group building, goal-focused, and creating positive engagement in a small setting. The group sessions will focus on open and honest communication, group organization, and building on each group member’s strengths to stabilize the group as a whole. One 2-hour group session per month for up to 6 people with up to a 6 month time period. Weekly check-ins with group leader through email, text, or phone call. *expires after 6 months.

Individual Coaching will focus on the goals of the individual client. The coach will focus on the client’s strength, weakness, personality, interests, etc to help them accomplish their desired results. This type of coaching would be beneficial to those who need significant accountability and encouragement to reach their personalized goals. These goals can be health and wellness goals, financial goals, career goals, education goals, short-term or long-term goals.

Group Coaching will focus on a shared experience or shared goal between group members. This type of coaching will be helpful to the individuals in the group that are self aware of their problem areas and are ready to make positive changes. This will provide an opportunity to network and make connections with people working towards the same relatable goal.

Self Awareness Coaching will focus on helping the client self-reflect and self-discover their interests, hobbies, or aspirations in life. The coach will get to know the client’s life experiences, strengths, interests, etc. to help them determine and make a realistic plan to achieve their life or career goals. The coach will provide the emotional support needed for proper self-evaluation.

Health and Illness Coaching will focus on supporting the client while they are experiencing a medical or health change in life. The coach may have access to resources that may be beneficial to the client while they are going through a life transition. The coach and client will work together to help the client gain the knowledge, skills, confidence, tools to help them reach or maintain their self-identified health goals.

Time Management Coaching will focus on cutting out procrastination and adding structure to the clients schedule for better time management. The coach and client will work on setting boundaries, eliminating self-sabotage behaviors and forming and practicing good habits to achieve a stress free lifestyle.

Work and Life Balance Coaching will focus on identifying, lowering or changing the client’s chaotic stressful days by finding meaningful ways to control how one lives their lives. The coach and client will work together to prioritize and change up regular routines to maximize wasted energy and time to focus on positive productivity. The goal would be to find time to disconnect from the stresses, pressures or obligations to enjoy life not feel guilty about it.

Relationship Coaching can include problem areas like family issues, co-parenting issues or divorce issues. Relationship coaching can be done with a single individual, couples, parents and child/children. Whatever the relationship dynamic is those who are needed to make the desired relationship changes are all welcomed. This coaching is focused on helping reach relationship compatibility, shared understanding, better communication, compromised cohesiveness, etc. in the relationship unit.

Homeownership Coaching will focus on getting the client knowledge ready for all things homeownership. The client will be educated on the process of homeownership, the things needed to be approved for a home loan, home maintenance and ways to generate additional income through being a homeowner. The coach will have access to programs that the client might qualify for to help with down-payment assistance, first-time homebuyers, disability, and credit repair with financial counseling programs.